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60SecondsLanguages (60SL) is a language preservation company that specializes in African languages. Our mission is to preserve and promote the richness and diversity of African languages, and to empower individuals and organizations to communicate effectively in diverse linguistic settings while preserving and promoting African cultural heritage.

It’s more than just ‘words’. It is the culture, the mannerisms, the tales, the history, the beliefs, the tradition, etc. It’s about identity.


We work with a team of experienced translators specializing in many fields and in many native African and colonial languages all around the world.


Budget-friendly and flexible. We enjoy empowering people by making information accessible. Service free for refugees and asylum seeks (T&Cs apply).


As a multi-cultured African, I believe we should all speak our native language. We sell books in over 50+ African langguages for as little as $1.99 and not more that $9.

Thank you very much Phonsina for the quick turn-around and quality work. The Quality Assurance for this came out spotless. I appreciate it, I will share your feedback with the team.”

Client – United States

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