Story Time: Why I moved to Kenya with only 50$

How many of us can honestly and say ”Yes, Love made me do some very stupid shit!”. I do raise my hand and to my defense… I am a Scorpio, it’s expected of me. When I love, you get a 100% of me until the day you choose not-to anymore. This the story of ‘you should not be broke and in love’. If you would rather listen than read, head on to my YouTube channel; Story Time: Why I moved to Kenya with only $50

I Love big and I dream big too. In 2017 I made the conscious decision to leave home leaving behind a booming start up, a possible job opportunity with one of the best organizations and I decided to follow my heart. A blissful and difficult journey.

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I first came to Kenya in 2013 and before that I lived in Uganda where I met my first ‘boyfriend’ – This title only became serious once we got older. After my undergraduate studies in Kenya and a scholarship, I decided to go back home in 2016. I founded a business with the skills that I acquired once in school, a first of it’s kind agency in Congo and I must say I was ”hot sauce”. Fearless, ambitious and daring!

I then chose to give it all up because I had this burning desire deep inside me to make a ‘home’ in Kenya. When I was told of  possible job opening that I could get, I packed my bags and left everything behind. All I had with me was my suitcases and $50. In Nairobi, I was fortunate enough to work on a brief project that gave me some extra income and being the love bird that I am, I decided to spend it all in Uganda with my then-boyfriend. P.S: My family doesn’t know about this!

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I later returned to Kenya empty handed but still very hopeful. I requested to stay at a friend’s place for 2 weeks until I got back on my feet – which then extended to 2 months. Lost, confused and too broke to afford bread. Like they say; once a hustler, always a hustler. With the help of God, the Gods of earth and heaven I started working 3 jobs to survive. All through managing a shaky relationship with my then-boyfriend.

4 Months in Nairobi, I got cheated on and dumped because I am not light-skinned, I don’t have a fat-ass, and I was struggling to make ends meet. Despite every bump, I love Kenya, always have, always will. Going home to Congo was never going to be an option for me, unless I had to be dragged back home… I dug my way out of the heartbreak and the tough times, with the help of God and the Gods of earth and Heaven, I stabilized myself.

Tomorrow is always a better day. I wouldn’t undo anything, I wouldn’t unlove anybody! ❤

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