The cost of getting dental braces in Kenya and Youtube Channel

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Just in case you noticed… Yes my blog was shut down for about 10 months because ‘well… life was happening’ and I needed a well-deserved time-out! But I am back… And for today’s post I would like to answer a few questions about getting dental braces in Kenya. If you are wondering what has been happening, last weekend I launched my Youtube channel and there you can find a few video updates.
The great news is that; if you would rather listen than read, I got you covered. This article is also on my Youtube Channel. Every information here is also in the video but in a more detailed way.


Watch this article on youtube: Hey Phonsi – Cost of braces in Kenya

I have had braces for about 10 months now and the most common question I get is ‘Is it expensive?’ and my answer to that is always ‘Yes and No’ because of the advantages that the braces package come with and depending on which hospital you go to, the flexibility that they have in place for you and for them. No matter what your income is, if you really want to get braces you can if you commit and prepare yourself.

I decided to get braces because I always felt insecure about my teeth (picture below), I always loves my smile but the teeth were not aligned the way I wanted them to be. I remember a few months ago I posted this picture on Facebook and people came for my ‘teeth’. That’s one of the downfalls that come with putting yourself out there. I remember sharing a blog post that had this picture and asked people on my Facebook page to go and like. To my surprise someone pointed out to how jacked up my teeth were, I defended myself and pulled down the post.


The Cost and payment plans available for getting braces

After proper planning, I was finally able to invite the tooth-fairy to my world and I decided to get braces. I visited Karen Hospital for a consultation, I was told it would cost 250,000Ksh… but you know your girl loves a bargain so I went to Karen Dental for another consultation and they gave me a price that was within my budget.

Getting braces can cost you between 80,000ksh to 350,000ksh in Kenya and it’s very important that you plan ahead and find a hospital with a payment plan that works for you. I was very lucky to find a Dr who offered a solution I understood and the deposit was 20,000ksh of the total amount. The remaining amount is then paid within the time period you have that you will be a patient. Karen Hospital requested for a 80,000ksh deposit and I said ‘No’.

I will have my braces in for a total of 24 months on average, that is 2 years. And what I am required to pay monthly does not stress me seeing the complexity of my problem. My teeth were not aligned, my bite was overturned, I have an impacted tooth inside my gums that needs to grow out, a few teeth had to be removed because my jaw was too small for the number of teeth I had and I needed a root canal. My procedure involves teeth removals, expansion, alignment and the impacted tooth (which could be surgical or natural).


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  1. Is there a maximum age for one to get braces? I’ve also been insecure about my teeth for a long time, they are not as well aligned as I’d like them to be. My insurance doesn’t cover that and I want to get them so bad but the costs involved are disappointing😭 I just want to know for how long they can wait

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    • It’s best to get them before you turn 30. The older you are the harder your jaws are to move and the more work, the more time, the more expensive. But again as we age we have more income so as long as you are ready, you can get them. ❤️❤️❤️


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