(My First Time) August and September: Mae and Go Karting in Kenya


Last month I did not blog about any adventure or new happenings in my life because I thought I did not do anything new. Looking back, it was a very unique month for me. I grew my circle of ”Favorite beings” and adopted a puppy. I have never owned a dog and I am such a pet person. I am one of those people with 100 photos of their cats or dogs. I am sorry but pet items tutorials and articles are on the way.

Meet my baby.


My baby is a Japanese Spitz, I adopted her from a colleague at work. It was very important to me that I know where my dog is coming from, what type of environment and to always have that slight hope of possibility that one day she will meet her family. See her mom, spend time with her sister and see her dad. I named her Mae (Read May), simply because she was born on the 7th May and that’s around the time when I started putting everything in place to welcome a dog home (I did not know I will get her). We were meant to meet. I have always wanted a pet who sleeps through the night,  a dog who does not bark for no reason and one who is not picky about food. I can’t cook every day.


So that was the month of August. Taking care of a 3-months-old puppy. Mummy-duties. This month of August, I decided to get out of the house and try out Go Karting in Nairobi. 


My driving license is far far away from me. I don’t know how many accidents I had and according to my audience, I drove like the stereotypical old-grandma-driving. Apparently, you could race on foot with my speed. I too think I sucked but it was really fun, the few times I had some speed, the adrenaline was yummy. But safety first right? Hahaha

Here are a few photos of grandma-phonsi.


Racing is clearly not my strength.


Smiling as I drive because life is too short not to find positivity around us.


Seconds later I am bumping and grinding on the tires.


For the record. I was not last. I was the first from the back!  I had fun savoring every minute behind that wheel. Also, the outfit looked good on me, another reason to take my time.


Location: Langata Road

Price Range: From 1500Ksh for a 10 minutes ride. 

No age requirement. Go and have fun! For kids, an instructor drives with them.


What I learned:

  • Puppies are demanding almost like a child. You need mental preparation. I am becoming more and more patient, forgiving and tolerating daily.
  • Animals are the best therapy. Whatever you are going through, get a pet.
  • Driving is not my portion, so public transport and cabs budget are intact.
  • Eyebrows are for Good days only 😉


It’s been almost a year since I have been daring myself to something different every month. See you in October and then in November to celebrate 1 year of amazing adventures and growth. Also thinking of changing my site name to heyphonsi.com with a brand new logo and all.

:-* :-* :-*



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