My first time: Zip Lining at Ngong Hills

First of all, let’s quickly recap on the month of July. Oh boy! A rollercoaster of emotions. More so like zip lining. This month has been all about getting out of my comfort zone. I am overcoming my fear of starting a project I put on hold for months, I am following my gut more often than usual, I am learning to embrace my mistakes and curve them to my advantage, there is an awesome guy in my life and I am adopting a puppy. Mae is her name. You will definitely meet her. Lastly, I am going back to school. Yes, I am a law student now.

This month has been full of decision making. One after the other. Today I am up, tomorrow I am down. Today I am excited about the future, tomorrow I am stressed the fuck out about the future. After all, this next chapter of my life is all about being daring and getting out of my comfort zone. If you are new to my blog, last year I embarked on a journey of “Things to do before I am 30”. You can check out my first adventure here: 24th Birthday in Malindi.

Now to this month’s adventure: Ziplining at Ngong Hills.

***To watch the ziplining video: Check on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

The trip to Ngong Hills for zip lining is breathtaking. I had such a fun and kind uber driver. We spent almost 20 minutes sightseeing. He did not charge for it. It was nice. The breeze is so peaceful. And who would have thought that windmills are beautiful to look at? Don’t knock it until you try it.

Do keep in mind that Uber-GPs in that area is very inaccurate. Use Google maps. If you take an uber, the price estimate is not correct, make sure to have 3x more than what uber says for your transport. If you are in Nairobi, take public means up to Ngong (Kajiado) then an uber to Ngong Hills Kompass restaurant, it will cost around 500Ksh. Its 20 minutes away from Ngong town. (For my foreigner friends: Ngong town is 2 hours away from Nairobi by public means. Use Karen for reference #ExpatFam)

Zip lining at Ngong Hills Kompass Restaurant is 1000ksh round trip. The weather is pretty cold. It’s Ngong hills. You need a jacket or a sweater. I recommend wearing gym clothes because it’s pretty much exercise and it looks prettier. Fits the part. 😀

The first thought that runs to my mind as I slid on that rope was “I need to write my will and tell my mom I love her”. It’s the closest I have been to realizing I am “literally” CRAZY. I asked myself before sliding “Are you willing to die for $10?”…. The scare was real because I am DEAD-AFRAID of height but I am addicted to accomplishing what seems difficult to me. As soon as I started Zip lining I LOVED it. The start is very scary but as you get into it you will want to go back … and still get scary chills at the beginning but that won’t last forever. What makes it scary is envisioning how high you will be and trusting a rope with your life.

One life lesson I now have a profound understanding towards is that; The beginning will not be easy, you will have doubts, try to convince yourself that you can’t do it. As humans, we are naturally afraid of what we don’t know. But once we know, we will manage it accordingly. As you slide, the wind and the rope can get you in pretty uncomfortable positions but you will physically understand how to position yourself against that. I enjoy these adventures because they give a deeper meaning to life. I look forward to 30.

Look at me being a pro!

And… I landed.

On the way back, because I am so short, the instructor had to carry me so I could be tall enough to unhook the safety belts. I climbed on him because I was sliding back on the zip line. It was funny and fun.

Thinking of going Ziplining? Read the rules above.






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