My first time: Belgium – Brussels

First of all. The most important fact. There is a Java in Brussels. 

After falling ill in Ethiopia on my way to Congo, I travelled to Brussels for a conference. Anyone who knows me, knows very well that I love Java Restaurants in Kenya. If you want to make me happy, take me to Java. It’s the only restaurant in Kenya that I bonded with. The second is ”For You” at kilimani. I don’t care what other restaurants offer. Java for life!. To sum it all up, I felt right at home when I saw that name. I did not order anything because it’s at the airport and I didn’t have Euros (Long story) but starring at it made me feel good.

Right outside the hotel I was staying at was my franchise (lol) ”Sacha”. How more welcoming could this country get? Java and now my nickname right outside my window. Thank you, Thank you Belgium. My real name is Archane but many nicknames have been born from that. I have been called Sasha, Sacha, Chacha, Sasa (Kenyans will understand) and of course shasha.

It’s funny how life doesn’t take me to the countries that are actually on my bucket list. Like Asian countries, South Africa, Namibia and Canada. I know everyone loves Dubai, I don’t. I will be fine if I never set foot in Dubai. The documentaries on slavery is unbearable. I can’t! …. Anyway, the picture above is at La grande place. Funny Joke, so my friends and I were just talking about how this place is so Congolese seeing all the buildings covered in gold (Pun intended. Yes). It was funny and beautiful. Life is a fight. Some win. Some lose. Don’t be too much in your emotions.

This picture is like day 12. If you look closely, I wore my eyebrows back on. Truth is, I didn’t have enough clothes. I literally had to shop for the conference. I spent sooo much. It’s because I was sick from Kenya, Ethiopia and Congo, I couldn’t pack properly, so I just put in what I saw while half asleep and shaking from Malaria. But I got better. The strength of de black penther lives in me.

I don’t know who that guy in the picture is. I didn’t even notice him next to me. Look closely, he is not even touching me. He is behind me. Photo-bombing is big in Brussels. Get body guards to take a picture alone. But I highly appreciated the love.

The best part of this article, the Food. I am impressed. Americans need to go to Europe for cooking classes. Sugar doesn’t go in everything you eat. Honey, syrup, sugar, mayonnaise is not ”food” America. Leave it alone.

The drink I am having is a mix of yogurt and Mango. Let’s pray to God to take me to Asia. That’s all I want in my life for now. Asia.

So the main reason I went to Brussels was for the EDD conference held by the European commission each year. It’s a conference focused on SDGs (Sustainable development Goals) and this year’s theme was ‘Women and girls at the forefront of sustainable development. It was an honour to represent African young women, girls and women. #Superwomen

At the conference I met my Idol. Angelique Kidjo. I will not say much because I am still crying. She is amazing. Look closely at my eyes lol. I also met so many other presidents like the President of Liberia. George Weah.

My favourite African President. President George Weah. Even if he goes corrupt, he will forever remain my favourite. He is the perfect story of rags to riches. Let your dreams have no limit. I love him. If you are a football fan, google him and find out how an uneducated village boy became a football celebrity then later a President. ”Mama, my dreams are still valid ooh”.

I also spent time with family. A little gossip is always important to relax and refuel.

The last day was Pajama day in town. Don’t judge me, they are very comfy. So this is the chocolate heaven street of Belgium. I am not a big fan of chocolate anymore, it’s too much chocolate, you will get bored of chocolate, but it was fun.

Let me say goodbye as I share this last picture of my forehead looking good with flawless skin. The angels snapped this picture. See you in July for more adventures!






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