My first time: Mami-Wata in Congo

In Congo (Brazzaville) where I come from, Mami-Wata stories are among the scariest tales. “Mami-Wata” is derived from “Mummy water” which is a direct description of a “mermaid”. In other words, mami-wata means “mermaid”. So, Mami-Wata is one of the most famous restaurants in Brazzaville right by the Congo River 15 minutes away from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I have always believed that the two countries probably share the same name due to the river between us. The Mami-Wata restaurant looks to DRC – Kinshasa. When in Brazzaville and at the restaurant, if you are keen enough, you can see cars in DRC. It is that close.

I took a break from work this month and because I am spending the time in Congo, I wanted to go to this restaurant. Ever since I was about 10 years old, it has always been “the reference” to Congo Brazzaville. Brazzaville has a strange obsession with mermaids, the airport is a famous mermaid’s name. Maya-Maya. Legends say she was a mermaid royalty. In Pointe-Noire the economic city, people have testified seeing mermaids at the beach. There are also countless tales about mermaids.

The food is not the best. I went there with a friend, I was not hungry, so as you can see, I ordered plantains and a glass of wine. The wine was great, the service was good, the environment is chilled and very relaxing. No wonder its a very famous restaurant. Right after you eat, you can Jet-Ski. If you don’t mind paying $270 for a one hour ride. To me, it’s ridiculous and unnecessary. Brazzaville has a strange reputation with overpricing monopoly businesses. It’s discouraging at times.

“Wine and airplanes make me happy”.

Sitting by the river, I thought of all the things I have done so far in my journey to “Things to do before I am 30”, remembered all the memories and lessons I have learned so far and those I am yet to make, one thing I am grateful for is “self-sufficiency”. With every activity, I realize how “enough” I am. If you know me on a personal level, you know I have had this burning desire to be accepted and loved. I am so much of a pleasure and a perfectionist, rejection puts me into depression. But that is changing. I look forward to the woman I will become at the end of this journey.

Brazzaville was amazing. I am off to Belgium. See you next month for another adventure article.

Thank you for reading and cheers to “fun”.





  1. wow so amazing, we also have legends about mami water here in Nigeria. It was nice meeting the vivacious and enigmatic Phonsi at Belgium.


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