The truth about online dating

This article is not generalizing on everyone’s experience but my own. There is a bad and a good side to everything. Online dating is something many of us have done or still do for many different reasons, boredom, adventure, in hopes of finding love, traveling, the fun of swiping and more. In this day and age, it has become easier to approach people online than to approach people in real life. Online dating is no longer something that is done in secrecy. For those out there who have never tried online dating and you are wondering why some people can’t quit dating sites. These facts are for you! This is solely based on my own personal experience.

1: There is a high chance he/she has a job.

Personally, I enjoy being busy. When I am not, I make up tasks. A few weeks ago I was juggling 3 jobs. Like any other woman, I like a man with a job and 90% of people who opt for online dating have jobs. Believe it or not. Meeting people is inevitable but when you are busy and working with people, chances of you spotting someone and thinking “Ooh that’s a catch” is very slim. The unemployed on online dating sites are either shy or bored with life. No pun intended, speaking from personal experiences.

2: It saves a lot of time, money and confusion.

People who set up online dating profiles know exactly what they want and voice it out. We DO know that there are in fact “7+ billion” people in this world. Why waste your time and my time being indirect while we have less than a 100 years to find 1 person in over 7 billion people?. It doesn’t make sense. They are less likely to say they want you when they don’t. Great time saver. Time is an investment, use it wisely.

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3: You are exposed to many more culture.

You get to meet people from different angles of life, social class, beliefs and it grows you as a person. You learn new things and try out new cultures. I have met people from countries I did not know existed. It has shaped the way I do certain things and the way I look at life. The point is not to adopt other cultural beliefs but to become inquisitive in and about life, that sort of gives you a 3rd eye in the world.

4: It really is “build a man dot com”. It’s empowering!

It’s like going to a gift store. You are not simply handed a package, you decide what you want in it. The essential stuff to you. Like height, race, hobbies, beliefs… etc. As for me, if you don’t like adventures and traveling… hmmm tricky match! I have very few drunk stories in my life. But travel and adventure stories, I have bookshelves. I have secretly traveled to places my family doesn’t even know about!

5: Breakups are rarely painful.

When you “online-date”, you understand people for who they are and accept that there are many-many-many options out there available for you and for them. So when you break up, you both understand that it was just a wrong match and you are not meant to be, so you should not get yourself down but instead dust off, get back out there and hopefully one day you will both meet the perfect match. So you part on peaceful terms and remain friends. Most breakups result in long-term friendships.


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  1. Personally I have given online dating a try and I must say it’s an interesting experience. You meet all sorts of people but like you said , you are more likely to meet people who know what they want especially with the subscription based ones . Currently been dating someone I met online for the past 7months so so far so good.



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