My first time: Visiting Cameroon – Douala

“First of all, the men in Cameroon are hot. I might just go back to find a husband.”

When I found out I was going to Cameroon, one of the first things I did was to search online for what is there to do in Cameroon or things to do in Douala. So, you can eat local food, explore the beaches, go on a safari at the National park, go and view “la nouvelle liberté”, go to the local market “marché central”, at the flower street or climb an active volcano. I initially went to Cameroon for work and luckily got 2 days to myself to explore the city.  From arrival, it was great to find out that being from Central Africa, I did not need a visa to enter the country. I simply got an “arrival” stamp in my passport and that gave me a sense of belonging already. So, to add another adventure to my journey of “things to do before I am 30” I visited Douala.

If you know me well, you know I often switch to speaking frenglish (Mix of French and English) and Cameroon is so far the only country that I have traveled to where that is completely acceptable, orally and in writing. The first amazement was this junction 2 minutes away from the airport and there are two billboards in two different languages.

I explored Camerounian delicacies and my take is that they can cook! Be it food from the roadside, from a 4-star hotel, or from a community restaurant, it’s all great food. The only difference is comfort and timing. From places I have been, when it comes to food, so far they are the best and Guinea-Conakry takes second place.

My first day in Douala, we took a walk around town and spent some time at “Dubai street” a place famously known for electronics. Most people say that if you have driven in Kenya or India, that means you can drive. Well, they did not visit Cameroon “town”, the motorcycles are “CRAZY” on the road. 90% of them don’t even have side mirrors, so you just need to trust God and the rider.

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If you have never been to Cameroon Douala, here are a few things that you will love.

  • The affordability of the city. Electronics, Fashion, Shoes… It’s the perfect place.
  • The food! Meat is a snack, depending on how you cook it. And there is no shortage of plantains.
  • The drive of the people. They are very business minded and they “DO IT ALL”.
  • Almost everyone and everything is bilingual. TV, street names, newspapers, schools etc
  • The men are “Fire”. You go lose your head. I did with a few stares. I might just retire to Cameroon.

For souvenirs, I bought these beautiful “Kaba Ngondo” dresses popularly worn in Cameroon and central Africa area. They come in many styles, textiles, and designs. If you are in Kenya and would like to purchase one. They will be available in “My shop” as soon as I get back to Nairobi. For the meantime. check out what is available in store. Kaba dresses are limited.

My shop:

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  1. I tried to ignore it the first time you said it. Then you said it again. Ah! I just might be on the next flight to Cameroon.

    Your outfit is fab. Simply chic.


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