Things no one tells you BEFORE the “Big Chop”

The Natural Hair Big Chop. This current fashion statement has women walking in and out of barbershops every day. If you have or are currently considering heading to your local barber for a “Big Chop” and you keep talking yourself out of it because you don’t feel ready. Here are a few things to know before the Big Chop. Things that no one tells you about the Big Chop.

The mind games: As a woman, hair holds so much of our identity that when you consider cutting your hair, you have to answer questions to yourself and most importantly “Why you want to cut your hair”. The hardest question of them all. Even your own conscious will lay out hundreds of reasons why you should not do it.  Your sub-conscious will present you all the hairstyles you have not yet tried to talk you out of it. This is why women who take this road are considered or labeled as “brave”.

Don’t make it everybody’s business:  Just like yourself, even the world will tell you not to do it. I remember wanting to cut my hair 2 years ago and 98% of the people I told, told me not to do it. This year, I woke up one day, headed to the barber shop and only told 2 people, while on my way to the barbershop. When it’s something your heart desires, it’s never a mistake. Don’t listen to the world. It’s your scalp that will get cold, not theirs.

They said short hair is no work at all? I say lies: There is practically no difference in having braids or cornrows to having short hair. It is practically the same routine. Get up, oil the scalp a few times a week then set the hair and that’s it. But because we want to feel special and keep the “brave” title, we tell you it’s just “wake and go”.

Just wig it and don’t give a “wig” about it!: When you cut your hair, everyone assumes it’s a movement to something. Every time you put on a wig, they will want to know why you are wearing a wig since you decided to cut your hair. Well… “wig it”. With the big chop, you will no longer stress about adjusting the wig throughout the day, your hair won’t be tangled into any pins or elastic straps, and no bumps as you set the wig. So comfortable, you will often forget it is not your hair.

Your heart is in your hair: Believe it or not, hair holds emotions. Not everyone does the “big chop” for fashion. Right after mine, I came to realize that many women did not do it for “Fashion” but for emotional reasons. Since the “Big Chop” is trending, it is easier to say  “I wanted a new look” than opening up your heart to the world. I cut my hair because I was dealing with emotional scars and believed that cutting my hair would be a cleanse to the new me.

Short hair gives you wings: I swear! It’s a fact. Financial wings, emotional wings, physical wings, character wings… etc. After the emotional rollercoaster of deciding on the “Big Chop”,  the phrase “I do what I want” will have a whole other meaning. In terms of relationships, saying “Take me or leave me” becomes an actual sentence. You automatically look fierce with just lipstick. You save so much money, hair is no longer a priority on the budget. The amount of “fucks not given” is out of this world. I had to say it.

Head into the world and be who you want to be. That is the only way to be “happy”. At the end of the day, trust me, “Nobody” really cares. Those who like and those who don’t are temporary passengers in your life, you are the only full-time audience and author to your choices. Live it and Love it!


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  1. Lovely post! Thank you. I read with pleasure. Really, to cut hair, you need bravery. I somehow woke up one morning and realized that it was necessary to do it. It was a surprise for all my loved ones.


  2. Your blog is such a delight to read. I enjoyed reading this. I couldn’t find the balls to go for the big chop, so I transitioned.

    If you ask me, I think low cut suits you as well. You are beautiful.


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