The Famous Duster Coat – Fashion Post

It has been long since I posted a personal fashion or style related article. My new haircut is making me feel super sexy fashionable lately. The low maintenance, the affordability, the ability to see all angles and corners of my face and the possibility to actually contour and so much more. It’s interesting how I never knew how to properly apply makeup to my face until I had to do the “Big Chop”. If you follow me on Instagram, I am almost a makeup artist now.

So this week, with the famous duster coat, I decided to put together a fashion style I hope to wear out one day. That is the misconception with Fashion bloggers, 80% of what is posted is rarely worn in real life. Very often it is a style idea that comes to mind, you put together the craft and that’s it. You don’t leave the house with it.

So if you own a duster coat or looking forward to purchasing a duster coat. Here is one way you can style it. Ankle heels with folded pants are very risky for short women but I think I pulled it off. 

Duster coat: $18

Bodysuit: Free. My favorite kind of expenses

Jeggings: $2

Heels: $13






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