11 things to do on Valentine’s day when you are single

11 things to do on Valentine’s day when you are single. 

On my list of “Things to do before I am 30”, one of them is to stay single for a year. It’s been 7 months now and I am unsure if I still know how to date. I have become so independent and okay to be alone, I don’t know if I am ready to share myself. He will have to be sent from heaven.

In efforts to internally grow, I vowed to celebrate me for a while. To do so, I want to spend every holiday alone. On Christmas, I took myself to my favorite restaurant and finished half a bottle of wine in my pajamas watching comedy shows. On my birthday, I took myself shopping and of course to lunch. This valentine’s day, I started celebrating early and if you are single like me, here are 11 awesome things you might consider doing.

1: Wine and Dine your pretty-self.

If cooking is not your strength, why not try it out. I do this all the time. Pull up a recipe, grab some wine, cook, set the table, download a movie or stand up comedy, take a beautiful shower, lights dimmed and it’s me-time.

2: Take yourself shopping, you deserve it!

Nothing sets a woman in a good mood like the smell of new clothes. This valentine’s day treat yourself to something new. A nice dress, that piece of jewelry you have been wanting to buy, a new perfume, or those shoes you can’t stop thinking about. I am in need of boots, my valentine is lasting two weeks. Shop owners, tag me.

3: Have a movie/series Marathon.

I nominate “Breaking Bad”, “Game of Thrones” and all black movies to prepare for “Black Panther” on the 16th of February. If you are more into TV shows, get your hands on “The real” and “90 day fiance”. It will be a valentine worth spending alone.

4: Sleep in. It’s your day sleeping beauty.

It’s a day to celebrate love, no matter what shape or form it comes in. Monogamous, polygamous, single, homosexual. Whatever flaunts your boat. Call in sick for work and sleep the whole day! Catch up on those hours of sleep you missed weeks or days ago.

5: Write a letter to your younger self or older self.

This is something I have always wanted to do and it scares me because younger me was somehow “brainless”. I look back and think to myself that, my parents love me so much to have put up with me. But one day I will do it and share it on this blog. I wouldn’t want to write to my older self because I don’t want to jinx my blessings.

6: Work out! Be glad you are not having chocolate.

Couples will be out there eating unhealthy and not thinking about the risks that come with it. Diabetes, high blood pressure… etc. We won’t be part of that. Make it a day to feel your sexy back on, work out and make your soul and body, happy.

7: Grab a friend, pretend you are a couple to get couple’s deals!

If there is a guy reading this and you know about some cool deals. I did acting in university. Hit me up daddy! I like outdoor activities, free food, free electronics or for half the price and free travel opportunities.

8: Learn a new skill. #MoneyMoves

Look up available webinars or take a class to learn something new. Ever wanted to set up a blog and don’t know how to? There are many classes online. Or are you fascinated by cryptocurrency and want to join the movement? Look up a free course online or in your neighborhood and happy valentine’s day to you. I want to learn, “logo design”.

9: Get a new haircut

Just for fun, try out something daring or different and stay with it for a week. Try cotton candy hair, go blonde, join the community and go for the “Big chop”. We welcome everyone with open arms and give out free scarves for the cold.

10: Dare and get it done!

Do something that scares you. Not sure you should write that proposal, approach that person or send in that job application even though there is no vacancy. Dare to do it on this valentine’s day and conclude with tip number 4.

11: Go for a photoshoot

You will be amazed at how a photoshoot can uplift your mood. Put in the effort in your look and hire someone to take beautiful pictures of yourself. Sometimes when we don’t have someone to tell us “you are beautiful”, you have to be willing to remind yourself that you are.


Happy Valentine’s day.






  1. Looking 10 years back from now, Valentine was such a stressful day for me. Now, that I have grown up, I don’t have that much pressure on myself anyore. I do have a fíance and I decided to treat him to a box of chocolate. Love all the ideas you shared on this post. The idea of working out or taking photos sounds good to me.

    Have a nice day




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