P*RN on Instagram #LetsTalkAboutIT

P*RN on Instagram #LetsTalkAboutIT

Go ahead… Crucify and judge me but we need to address this. If you are new to my blog, Hi, my name is Rshan (Ar-shAn), I love Fashion, I love adventures and I have an opinion. So, I created a personal blog to document the things I like. I am neither a Fashion blogger or a storyteller. I am simply Rshan. Instagram’s explicit content has been on my mind for a few weeks now and every time I want to write an article on it, that little voice in my head tells me “Don’t do it, they will judge you” , “that is so perverted” , “Other bloggers don’t do that”.  Then the daring side of me responds “Oh well… but I am not other bloggers”. So here it is. Instagram has lost it!


The internet hasn’t always been a holy place. I am a self-proclaimed “internet addict”. I can’t survive where there is no wifi. I will drain all my money to buy internet bundles on an hourly basis. Because I am an addict and also because I earn on the side from the internet. I am a self-proclaimed “Internet FBI”, just give me a name and I will write a biography of the person. 


There has been questionable content on the internet for years. The first time I found inappropriate content on Instagram was when I was being nosey and the bad girl I can sometimes be. But the first time I found explicit inappropriate content on Instagram was when Tanzania banned such content from its entertainers on Instagram. To understand the president’s point of view and where it was coming from, I went to research and see if it is justifiable. No, I don’t think so. But minutes into my research, I thought I was on another website.

The second time I watched such content on Instagram was after listening to a podcast on “body image”. Because it was so empowering and personal, I wanted to follow them on Instagram. Searched, found them and while going through comments, pictures and followers, I stumble upon an account with very inappropriate videos. Not for Instagram.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not against people creating social media accounts for adult entertainment purposes. I am a person who advocates for everyone to pursue what makes them happy. A hustle is a hustle as long as nobody dies.

But, I can’t fathom the idea that, such accounts are public. You don’t need to have an Instagram account to be on Instagram and view such content. How safe are the little ones? Why are we being so irresponsible as adults? Why is Facebook not putting regulations on such? Do you! But please, watch out for the innocent souls. It’s not worth it!





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