My first time: Yoga classes in Nairobi

My first time: Yoga classes in Nairobi

Yoga classes in Nairobi: Rshanphonsi

These past weeks, I have been mentally stressed. Each week came with its own problem that needed to be solved. I am a very optimist person. I like to see the positive in everything. As much as the past days were difficult, I believe they were necessary to get me to “today”. So I am grateful. I hit bottom, I learned and I am wiser. Therefore, this month to add another adventure to my list of “First-time adventures to try before I am 30”. I went for Yoga. Out of all the goals I have set in my life, this is the most exciting and so far very empowering. If you are currently failing at something, don’t feel beat up, feel excited that you are about to gain wisdom. Then strike harder and better.

I decided to take a Yoga class in hopes that it will help me calm down. Just to name a few on what happened this January, I cut my hair, Yes the “Big Chop”. I moved out, my work schedule changed, Visa applications, bad decisions, I got conned, I got broke. Hi January!

With only “Kung Fu Panda” as my strongest reference to Yoga, I was surprised that it’s not just a mental exercise but a physically challenging exercise too. Allowing your mind and your body to become one. If your mind says “You can’t do it” believe me, your body won’t do it. As a first-timer, I went in with the mindset that “I will do it” and the few times that I thought I couldn’t hold a certain pose, I didn’t. Overall, I needed this class. It is the best refuge if you want to stop thinking and focus on “you”. One other thing that I had to do to focus on “me” was, to cut my hair.

The decision to cut my hair was not as a fashion statement. I cut my hair for personal development reasons. I felt that my hair held so much of the past and the only way to detach was to cut it all off! so I did. I am glad that the need for Yoga classes came right after.


Tips for Yoga first-timers:

  • Don’t wear a wig. My wig kept sliding off, it was super embarrassing.
  • Bring water. You will get thirsty a few times or at the end like I did.
  • Put your phone in silent mode. Mine rung 3 times in 10 minutes.
  • Don’t eat a Pizza 30mins before. I do like to live dangerously. haha
  • Don’t put on makeup. It’s a waste of time. I did not.


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Yoga classes in Nairobi: Africa Yoga Project, Parklands.







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