Why you should NOT buy the KFC nyama-nyama burger

Why you should NOT buy the KFC nyama-nyama burger

KFC nyama nyama review rshanphonsi blog

Go do it, then come comment your testimony to us. KFC Nairobi, please let’s get serious. This is not even about the chicken, I am black, I can’t say anything bad about chicken. It was not the chicken’s fault. We should create a movement against this violation and protest against KFC Kenya. Our loyalty has been tested and many are falling for it.

If you have tried the KFC nyama-nyama burger, you have felt this way and you were too scared or embarrassed to speak up. Do not worry, I will do it. I have put my life out there before by listing nationalities I cannot date anymore, I can do this too. Publicly certified, to tell the truth.

KFC, we have already been through slavery before, it was enough. Your nyama nyama burger does not even respect the chicken who died for it. Let me tell you 3 reasons why!

Reason one not to buy the KFC nyama-nyama burger:

What they advertise is not what they serve you. You see all that crispy and that golden brown royalty handled looking chicken on advertisement billboards? It looks nothing like it. Even sidechicks get more honesty than what you get. The heartbreak as you open it will pierce through you like a needle. There is no single crisp to it.

Reason two not to buy the KFC nyama-nyama burger:

This is KFC acting very sleek.They called it nyama-nyama because all it has is a teaspoon of mashed potatoes, half a teaspoon of mayonnaise, and half a slice of cheese. They just want us to choke on meat. #Oops …As if the girl child doesn’t suffer enough.

Reason three not to buy the KFC nyama-nyama burger:

The least that chicken deserved was respect to have volunteered to die for our unhealthy desires. The size KFC will give you on this nyama-nyama burger order is so small, it’s the size of a chicken nugget. I am too cheap for such expenses. You should be too.



Disclaimer to KFC: We can turn this around.

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  1. OMG!!! Shame on KFC. I don’t eat their food and it’s only because, I don’t have a KFC around me. Btw, you so brave for writing such a post and the previous one. Love your way of writing.

    Have a nice Friday!


  2. Oh my goodness…it’s true! It’s a nugget and a hash brown…What the!!! I was so mad I almost took it back to westy…but curfew


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