La Ropa “House of bodysuits”, from as low as Ksh400

La Ropa “House of bodysuits”, Bata and Mr.Price

La Ropa Rshanphonsi Kenya

La Ropa “House of bodysuits” available in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, dressing celebrities like Tracy from Teen Republik and women and girls all around East Africa. If you have been following my blog from 2013, you know I love dressing on a reasonable budget and do not equate expense to fashion or style. It is for me an honor to work with this amazing brand in showcasing women out there that you do not need to break the bank to look good. And more importantly, together we will help you own the best for less. Subscribe to my blog to be the first to be updated on secret voucher codes to be won and do not forget to like the page and check out more items they have in store.

La Ropa Rshanphonsi Kenya

With Bodysuits for all body types and sizes, I am wearing an open back cream bodysuit size 6 – 8 with beautiful ring details at the front, a perfect low cut just enough for a daytime or nighttime look. I paired it with a rugged denim skirt and simple all-white canvas to balance the colors with just enough accessories not to overshine the look.

La Ropa Rshanphonsi Kenya

What I am wearing:

  • La Ropa Bodysuit ksh500 ($5)
  • Denim skirt from Mr.Price Ksh 400 ($4)
  • Bata Canvas Ksh389 ($3.89)
  • Leather Bracelet ($3)
  • Ring from SheeArt ksh250 ($2.5)

La Ropa Rshanphonsi Kenya

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  1. Stumbled upon your comment on Thisisess recent blogpost where you left your blog link and boy, I’m happy to be here! That bodysuit is on fire and I have see your online store on fb soo many times. You have so very nice bodysuits!
    You blog is amazing! The mood is cheerful and I have been binge reading even your previous blog beauty4brokegils. What a name! Lol.


    • Hahaha Thank you dear. The blog was aiming at beauty on a budget, which is still my goal but now using my name. Thank you so much for stopping by, we will be giving away voucher codes to shop on LaRopa or win free stuff, make sure you subscribe to get your code. :-*

      Muahhh :-* :-*


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