How I started my business with 7$ investment

How I started a business with 7$ investment.

PICTURE: In my office, November 2016.Vivid Agence. Rshanphonsi

I have always had a passion for business when growing up, an entrepreneur at heart because I like freedom. In 2014 I started working with an advertising agency and loved the idea of being behind people’s life-changing opportunities. In 2016 after obtaining my degree and a few internships, I moved back to Congo and with my market research in hand, one Monday morning with $7 and no existing business I decided it was time to try something unusual. To visit potential future clients.

My first visit became my first client for a year. I walked into their office and confidently pitched my services as if I was an established company. The client then asked if I was legally registered…

Do not do this if you are not sure! I lied that I applied and my documents would be ready in 2 weeks but the business was running. Lucky for me, Congo had just passed a law that facilitated business registration to 6 – 14 days. The client then asked me to come back when legally registered.

But rules are like hearts, they are made to be broken.

“The Founder quote”.

2 days later, I got a call at 6 PM in the evening from the same client informing me that they are in a dilemma and must shoot an advertisement for MTN the next morning and because I told them my business was up and running, could I deliver before 8 PM?!?. You guessed it right, I said: “Yes I can, in fact, give me an hour”.

At that time, I used to stay very far from the city, in an isolated neighborhood with no electricity, no running water, where the only mean of transport is the “Coller la petite” (see reference below), a curfew of 6 PM because of security, poor network, and no internet connection. I called my little brother and told him, “You need to sneak me out of this house, if mom calls, don’t pick up until we are back”. We got near the city to where I could access internet connection and did the job, by 8 PM we sealed the deal.

A few days later, the same client called me for 2 things, one of them was payment time with which I set up the business legally and physically and the second was that they needed to build a long-term relationship with my company. On 5th of November (On my birthday) VIVID Agence was born.

So if you have a crazy idea that “YOU” believe in, please go bananas on it. It is the craziest people who make it in life, and, “no one who followed the rules ever made history”. If you have a goal, don’t say “But first I need money”. Your drive, ambition, and faith pull towards you the things you need.


Picture: With my brothers Eddy and Daniel. My startup team 😀

Vivid Agence, Rshanphonsi

PICTURE:  A few of the recent projects Vivid Agence has been a part of. Vivid Agence. Rshanphonsi






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