5 Nationalities I cannot date anymore

5 Nationalities I cannot date anymore


I recommend that you read this post with a “hot cup of tea”, a notebook and a pen. I am just going to put my business out there. Let you all-in in my dirt. Let’s go. 5 nationalities I cannot date anymore.

To the exes, there are 3 sides to every story. Yours, mine and the truth. This is simply mine.

Central African: Okay, brace yourselves! I have to breathe in and out for this. Have you ever been caught up in a baby mama drama and you didn’t know there was a baby mama?! Well, turns out, you survive after all. We had this Bonnie and Clyde type of love story, both smart, hardworking, the ride and die type until I found out that he had a 9-months pregnant woman living in his house. (2 minutes of silence for me. Thank you) … And for that, Central Africa, you are out! FOReveeeeeerrrrrrrrr (Cardi B voice)

Indian: Yes, online dating did it to me! We have all done it. So don’t judge. Here is the story. I agreed to go on a date with this guy and it was creepy! He stared at me the whole time for 2 hours straight. I think WITHOUT blinking and spoke VERY little. The guy was fine but no thank you!

French: First of all, the French are so indecisive that I suggest you start by deciding whether it’s one kiss on the cheek, 2 kisses on the cheek or 3 kisses on the cheek. Okay, this is actually about 2 different French guys. The first a high school love-story who acted like we were dating, but never said it and left the country without telling me. The second, acted like we were dating and sometimes like we were not. It wasn’t clear, so I moved on. Years later, he hits me up and says “It was great dating you, I miss you!” Oh boo! Did we? … Make up your minds French! Is it “French fries” or “chips”?

Ugandan: This will be short, I just think Congolese women are just too “strong” for Ugandan men. I lived in Uganda, so the gender-roles-stereotypes-book heavily applies to Ugandans. Women must “act” like “women” and men must be “treated” as “men” no matter how they act. Unfortunately, Congolese women tossed that “book” out years ago. Superman can be a woman in my upbringing. I don’t need to compromise.

Congolese: I had to save the best for the last. If you are dating a Congolese brother, “Boo you are happy and you know it”, but one single problem. The word “commitment” is not in our dictionary. You can date for 20 years, have 4 kids and he has never proposed and you stay. Why? Because our men are good but unfortunately, I want commitment.

I seriously want to add Kenyans to this list, so… well… any volunteers to take one for the team? Hahaha







  1. This made me laugh so hard!!!!!! My list is a bit different because I prefer my men white. I can’t date Germans, some Scandinavians, Russians and lately Italians. I could write my experience with all these clowns but it would take a few pages. As for African men, Kenyans and Nigerians not for me.


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