Ceramic Hair Brush Straightener : Product Review

Ceramic Hair Brush Straightener: Product Review

Ceramic Hair brush straightener : Product Review, Kenya. Rshanphonsi.com

A few months ago I found out about this trending hair product. The ceramic hair brush straightener. it brushes your hair as you straighten it. It is expected to do the same work as a hair straighter but as learned from experience, it’s a completely unique product on its own. After reading about this product, I decided to buy it. I purchased it online from Jumia Kenya for about $35 delivery included and received the Simply straight brand, pink and black in color.

Ceramic Hair brush straightener : Product Review, Kenya. Rshanphonsi.com

The package is very attractive and exciting, but don’t get too excited yet. I think the Ceramic Hair brush straightener is a necessity depending on what outcome you want when you straighten your hair.  I personally think it is the perfect product for my natural African hair, but it is not a good product for my Indian / Brazilian weave. My weave is a mix of Indian size 16 closure included purchased at Bliss hair Global, and Brazilian size 14 from 5 years ago.

This ceramic brush hair straightener does not straighten the hair 100%   but at 80% only with no additional shine, you get from a flat iron hair straightener. I like thick straight African hair, so this product works for natural African hair. For my weave, I would rather opt for a thin straight and shiny effect from an actual flat iron hair straightener. The seller describes that it goes up to 450 degrees but it only goes up to 230 degrees.

Ceramic Hair brush straightener : Product Review, Kenya. Rshanphonsi.com

To sum it all up on the Ceramic Hair brush straightener. I am simply-just-satisfied with the end result. This product generally ranges from 30 – 60$ depending on where you purchase it. I don’t think the result is worth the money because my hair straightener was around 20$ only and the results are way better. Yes, I love deals that make sense.

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