Taking Stock – Rshanphonsi

Guess what!?! We are on the second day of 2017. Raise your hand if you feel positive about this year and even if you don’t, its okay. First of all, Happy New Year to you all. I sat on my bed for almost 3 hours today reflecting on what to post for my first article of 2017, Well … after an article with Elie Kuame, the pressure to keep up is intense. If you don’t know who Elie Kuame is, he is well known High Fashion African Designer. Check out my previous post and read all about the time I met him and see images of the Fashion show he hosted. Let us kick off the new year by first of all taking stock.

Making: Plans for 2017. This is a routine I do every year and I have been doing it since I was 20. I do not take a yearly resolution, instead, I am on a 5 years resolution. I like being in full control of my life.

Eating: Fried chicken and rice.

Drinking: Water…

Reading: An entrepreneurial book “Poor Dad, Rich Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Enjoying: The fact that I have been putting order and discipline into my daily activities since moving back home. And I am loving the fact that my French is improving day by day.

Liking: Everyone who visits, shares and thumbs-up articles of the blog.
In fact, I ADORE YOU !!!

Thinking: Of becoming a woman of influence in Africa for African women in entrepreneurship.

Wanting: To make EVERYONE understand the difference between a “Stylist” and a “Tailor”. So let’s do this; Stylist equals a “sapeur”. tailor equals a “dressmaker”.

Hoping: To find Love …

Aiming: To travel this year, if possible, I would like to go to Cameroon, France, and Nigeria.

Promising: To organize a get-together of all Congolese bloggers.





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