I often don’t talk about my love life on the blog, because it’s been quite uncertain these past years. I am a “Hopeless Romantic”. Once I tried to marry an ex after dating for only 2 weeks and did a lot more dumb stuff for love. But, it’s all about Fashion’s love at first sight that I want to talk about. It’s clear, I love to dress up, and even when I am not going out I dress well, yes… For me!

Stripes are currently trending as well as off-shoulder tops. It’s what’s hot in fashion these days, no need to spend much to look Chic, classy and still preserve that simplicity… The only thing not to go wrong on is which pair of shoes to dress it with? I would suggest something to marry the stripes style or ankle heels leaving your beautiful manicured toes out.

And my first love at first sight item was this “Boy Meets Girl” Shiffon Top.

Photography: Shekinah Pictures






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