Among all my DIY crafts, this is already a favorite of mine and I assure you they haven’t left my feet since this morning. “I am feeling MYSELF.” Faux fur Puma-Fenty sandals by Rihanna is trending for a few weeks now. Even, fur sandals and heels are “Hot” and I’m loving it. For today’s post, I’ll show you two easy steps to making your own imitation of Faux fur sandals Puma-Fenty.


– Faux fur

– Mule flat sandals

– Glue

– scissors (Optional)

What to do:

  • Simply put the glue on the shoes and then cover with the fur. In case the fur is too big, you can trim it or cut some off to the right size like I did. You can also use fabric glue.

Leave to dry for 3 minutes or 10 minutes if you use fabric glue and… VOILA!!!

Si vous avez bien aimez ce poste, y’en a plus comme sa. Sur tout ce qui est a la mode. Les hauts a epaules nues, les talons en pom-pom, les bantus knots, les talons en pagne, les jupes a frange… etc. Pas besoins d’etre tailleur. Cliquez seulement la section “DIY”.







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