Love and Passion … With Shee_Art

Welcome to another edition of #BossCrushWednesday.
Turning your hobby into a business is not something many can do. Before I present you today’s girl boss, I hope you have been keeping up with me on my Instagram to see all the lovely pieces of custom designed jewelries I received from Shee Art jewelry collection.
If you are wondering who this this talented and smart #GirlBossWednesday is, well she is a kenyan Jewelry designer giving you a taste of Kenya for a very affordable price you can’t say no to.
As a “crafter” myself, it is amazing to see others turn their craft into a business and earn from doing what they are passionate about. Eager to find out abou Shee_art business, let’s bombard her with some Q&A.
What is Shee Art?
Shee Art is a collection of  fun and ready to wear pieces. Greatly inspired by African and Bohemian Culture.
How long have you been designing jewelries for and where do your pieces originate from?
I have been designing since 2012 as a hobby. I keep off maasai market pieces as much as possible and prefer to be original with my pieces. I also personally shop African pieces for clients. I make all the pieces,  sourcing beads and other materials locally.
How can one access your craft and at how much?
One can easily comment on our  Instagram page ( @shee_art )  or send me a screenshot via whatsapp on 0723598676,  we currently do deliveries twice a week ( Wednesday and Saturday)  between 12-3PM within CBD ( Nairobi town), My earrings range from 150,  bangles from ksh. 50, necklaces from Ksh. 300, anklets and Armlet from ksh. 200  and headchains from ksh. 300. Those out of town receive their goods via parcels at an extra charge of 200.
– @Shee_Art (Instagram)
Instagram: @rshanphonsi

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