…With love from Congo



The last 3 weeks have been very hectic for me, I am still looking forward to when to getting some sleep. As I was thinking of what to blog, I was going through my pictures at the same time and realised I have pictures from Congo I would love to share with you. Pictures of my time in Congo Brazzaville.

People often confuse the “Republic of Congo” with the “Democratic republic of congo”. As similar as the names and culture is. On the other side, yes right behind me is DRC. We are so close, if you look keenly you can sometimes see cars on their roads. its 15 mins away by boat.
Pausing in a local bar after visiting my grandmother right opposite the bar.
Meeting with Congolese fashion designer Zebi wax (Jennie Jean Kassa) and fashion and lifestyle blogger Valerie Amandine.
Make up by international congolese make up artist Eva doing my make up before my collaboration shoot with SOROM COLOR. See previous post on this shoot, it was amazing.
Having lunch after my photoshoot, preparing for my next evening meeting. My schedule was so tight and packed, I wish I had taken more photos.
Being silly at grandma’s neighborhood (Ouenze) saying Hi to the neighborhood family. If you are African, you know that in our culture, the whole neighborhood becomes your family, all of them are uncles and sisters and aunts.
Getting my dose of fahsion on my way to Congo.
Back in Nairobi for the conference and somehow reason why I lack blogging content. I have been “booked” like tamar braxton says, “Booked to capacity”.
But I am baaaccck!
Right there is my friend a clinician and devoted to ensure that HIV+ girls have full access to medication without facing community stigma.
Stay tuned for on my upcoming posts for DOPE D.I.Ys, Fashion Posts and inspirational features every wednesday, then get to know me and random topics on fridays. Muah!!!!
Thank you so much for visiting! ❤
Stay Fabulous!!
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