From me and the beautiful Brenda. Mom jeans are back in fashion, crazy about them, we thought it would be good to show you a different way you could style your mom jeans. Guest appearing this Wednesday is my longtime friend Brenda, a fashion blogger who has featured in Eve Woman Magazine, Pulse Magazine and a number of online features.
For the first look, she wore a denim on denim with ankle boots and I went for a simple white T-shit, mom-jeans, accessories and an African printed headwrap.
INSTAGRAM: @justkaninte
For this second look, I wanted to renovate the mom jeans by folding it all the way up, pairing it my gladiator sandals or “Jesus sandals” as I like to call them, a sweater top and oversized blazer with bawler hat. While she wore an oversized shirt, crop top, and canvas shoes.
For this look, we wanted to simplify it all, the perfect go-to look if you don’t want to dress up but still look good, as you can see, she simply wore a white top, black heels and a watch as an accessory. For my third look, very simple; remove the belt, turn them into daddy jeans or boyfriend jeans, a nice sexy top and high feels to feminize the look; and my blue heels from Aliexpress.
Instagram: @rshanphonsi

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