Turban, army top and knitted skirt

Have you ever looked good unintentionally… unintentional facebeat, unintentional fashion slay, unintentional fleek eyebrows…


For today’s unintentional post, here is my outfit of the day. An army top, Turban scarf, and knitted skirt, or wool bodycon.
I often don’t know/wear the popular brands, but it’s all about the match up. Broke girls way… as long as it looks goods. Brand should never be an issue.
Avez-vous déjà saper involontairement … facebeat involontaire, involontairement bien habille, les sourcils involontairement on fleek … etc
Pour ce post accidentelle, voici ma tenue du jour. Un haut a impression armée, un foulard turban, et une jupe en tricot, ou de la laine.
Souvent, je ne porte pas des vetements de marques populaires, mais ce n’est que le style qui compte. “Broke girls way …” Aussi longtemp que sa marche. La marque ne doit jamais être un problème.

Zipper giving me life!!!

J’étais au travail, voila pourquoi j’ai un cahier.
I was at work, that’s why I have a book.

Stay Fabulous!!!
Instagram: @Rshanphonsi 

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