Hey guys! How is everyone doing! Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you all.

So as a broke Shopaholic, we see those gorgeous looking shoes online or in stores and often we can’t afford them and must save for a while to just get a pair. Often the same are on AliExpress, they come from china and will be sold here for 3000 – 4000Ksh or more. That’s a lot to some of us. Well to me. I actually don’t have a 4000ksh shoe, my most expensive was ksh3000 and I sold it; but I got good shoes, thanks to good deals, so stay with me and my blog posts, you will get to see all of them. I am actually very serious on my blogging. Since I am permanently setling home in Brazzaville. Back there I have no job, no income so the hustle will be real! So I ordered a shoe off Ali-Express to see if it works, this was actually a risk but a risk I am glad I took. My shoe cost 18 dollars and I paid $1 for shipping and it took 29 days to get here. The order stated that it will take between 15 – 60 days.
My shoe came in perfect condition as you can see, no scratch, no bum, great color, perfect height, it’s comfortable, perfect size and it came well wrapped. BUT there is a downside to this method. But first check out the shoe and read on.

I had to pay VAT. 16% VAT and that was 885 Ksh. Then I had to pay the post office which was 175Ksh. So total, it cost me 2922Ksh to buy this shoe. Almost the same price as buying it in Kenya, but again the version available within, had a strap around the ankle and I didn’t like it. So I would recommend this method for specific items and something cheap. Don’t go crazy on aliexpress since most sellers are not genuine. Below are useful tips on buying from Ali-Express.

Tips on buying from Ali-Express.

          ALWAYS check reviews and see, keenly and closely picture reviews.
          If a store has been around for 3 years and more, that is great.
          Check store’s percentage of quality and service, above 98% or 98% is good.
          Communicate constantly with the seller.
          Track your package every few days and the page is in Chinese but can be translated with google translator.
          Leave a picture review on your seller’s page for us other African nationalities to feel more confident about buying from Ali-Express.

           If you are a foreigner or do not know Nairobi as well. When the Post office calls, make sure you ask which post office and directions, I got lost for 30 mins. Also the VAT is only paid at Co-op bank main branch, and it is okay if you do not get your package the same day. Most people don’t. But it is very important that you see it and open it at the post office.

I have really been missing my clothes lately. I have been in kenya for 4 months now and leaving again next month as I permanently moved to Congo, So all my stuff are there, my shoes, my clothes and oh God I miss them. This is also one of the reasons I have not been blogging as much or doing much in Kenya because I don’t want to water the seed in Kenya and have no soil to plant in Congo. I may also permanently change my blog name since I will be in a French speaking country from now on. I love kenya!

❤ ❤ ❤ 

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