Why do people wish me happy birthday at midnight or a few minutes to midnight? No boo boo, it;s 4th and I am still 21! let me enjoy every second of it, come back on november 5th at 11:30PM! that’s when I will be 22. I know this sounds funny but I am serious. 
I have been reflecting days before my birthday and thinking, Okay I can’t play the “I am still young” card anymore. This next chapter is called “No Excuse”. I haven’t done anything to celebrate today and don’t think i will. All i want to do today is show gratitude for the 21 years of my life. Every single person I have met in my 21 years of living is a “gift”, you are all beautiful amazing gifts.
For my 22 birthday, I just wanna thankk my mama for giving birth to me, this day goes out to you mama! And of course to the Lord for giving me the life I have, for blessing me with more than I ever thought I deserve, for loving me through it all and always watching over me. #NoAngel. Thank you too for bringing my momma to this world, as opinionated as I am, she always got my back. When I am a mother. I want to be as strong and determined as she is or even more, as my dad always told me, “I have a degree, you are my child, you must exceed my achievements” Sometimes I don’t know how to do that especially with my mom being the superwoman she is but mama your faith in me makes me think “I am the bestest there could ever be”… lol seriously. That’s how my mom makes me feel, that I am so special and God’s precious girl. In short, like I am “The bomb”!
I also want to celebrate 2015 for showing me so much growth and giving me so much empowerement, opening so many doors and of course keeping me looking “chique”. You never know who’s taking a picture. In 2016, my wish has already been made, I’d also like to add that I want to come back and be more active on my blog, balance chasing the career and sharing fashion tips. But seriously, the traveling, packing and plural jobs with dry bank account haven’t been helping much, the 9 to 5 or 8 to midnight… etc! AND tomorrow is my baby’s birthday, B4BG’s birthday! My love, my beginning, my me, my heart! Too much love for this blog. ESPECIALLY THAT NAME!
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