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As some of you may already know. This year; I have been selected part of the Mandela Washington Fellowship program for young African Leaders to represent my beautiful country Congo in the United states in New Orleans then Washington where I get the chance to meet President Barack Obama.
Blessed to the max to have been given this opportunity to represent my country in the united states and act as an embassador, at the same time represent the United States in My country Congo, I have since realized how blessed the African continent is.
Growing up, most of us have that dream of “I wanna move to the states, I can’t take being here”, well I have never been one of them, I have always wanted to move to South Africa because that is where Nelson Mandela is from and he is such an inspiration to the previous, present and future generation, just breathing the same air as he did is an inspiration. Yes I am exaggerating but I truly believe it.
So far, since June; I have been doing things as the Americans do it, Celebrating pride, July 4th, Learning about American politics, Slave history and the birth of inspired Congolese music “Jazz” in America. All great things, so much to learn. What I have also come to realize is that; Just how much I love “My africa” Yes that’s how I call it; My motherland, or my 242 (Congolese country code). They say there is no place like home and it’s true, as beautiful as America is, Africa is equally beautiful and if I must say, more alive than America.
This is also to inform you that, from now on I might be involving my work with my fashion blogging. Apart from fashion and lifestyle blogging, I am passionate about civic engagement, currently focusing on Teen pregnancy, Education; although I also have a passion for Arts and Environment. I also believe that  the term Beauty4brokegirls has a much more deeper meaning than being just financially broke, as a basis this blog speaks for the margined girls who don’t have enough to access what they want, in broader terms; these broke girls could also be the uneducated ones, the unfortunate ones. How do we then empower them to reach greater heights and improve their personal skills, I am aware that through my D.I.Y tutorials; up to date many still write to me by email, whatsapp or other means for advice and other; And through these D.I.Ys I have not only improved my own personal craft skills but also built a wider network and been able to earn from what started as a hobby. I truly hope and wish that we can make changes through something as simple and as fun as blogging. Inspire and laugh all the way through bettering ourselves.
This also goes to speak to those following my blog; that if you are passionate about the following areas and would love to team up with me in civic leadership, I am ready and excited to join forces and possibly travel to wherever the change is happening. My areas of interest are; Reproductive health, Gender Equality, Arts and Environment.

Representing my country this year for the Mandela Washington Fellowship (2015) and expected to grow as a community leader, I feel blessed to have been given this opportunity and I hope to share it with all of you throughout Africa. I feel like, as human beings it is our duty to give back, as an African proverb says “One finger cannot wash the entire face”. We all need one another; we are all hungry for inspiration and growth.
Before concluding I just want to point out that I helped design his outfit with a certain tailor; cost me about $30 to get it done; including material cost. For the great news; now that I am in Congo, I don’t want to buy clothes anymore but design everything and my addiction since being in the United states is shoes and electronics. Clothes I will make them 😀 Shoes? Omg I need every single one of them. Rolling with about 10 pairs of black high heels so far. Can’t get enough of black and shoes!!!
Thank you for visiting and hope you come again for next week’s post!
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