Hi my loves! It’s been so long since I did a D.I.Y and decided to do one today. It’s the first in months and I think it’s one of the best because it will end up helping so many young girls and women out there looking for cost effective ways to dye their weaves. Have you or do you have that one weave that is so great BUT it’s the wrong color? And you end up not wanting to do it, so it just seats somewhere in a plastic bag in the corner in your room. Please note that I have experienced this D.I.Y on human hair weave only! I know it sounds risky but it worked out, I coulored my weaves, full black. I have asked around on “how much” it is to colour your human hair weave and everyone says it depends on the amount of hair, colour, style  and also on the type of weave, but the starting price is 2000KSH! And I am not complaining, I get it, but why pay for it when I can do it. It’s much more fun and it’s easy. I am so excited to show you how I did that, so let’s get working on some weave. It’s a good weave day in here baby!


          HAIR DYE
          HUMAN HAIR WEAVE (any color)
          A TOOTH-BRUSH
          A BOWL (OPTIONAL)
          A WATCH

For the hair dye, these are the two I experienced on, and it worked out great. One is for “white” ethnicity hair and the other is for “African” hair. I would advise you to go for the “Renew Hair color” If you are not after permanent coloring, it comes with free conditioner, it’s only disadvantage is that, the color is not permanent, while the other hair dye “Intensity color” will last a lot longer, does not come with conditioner and takes longer minutes to get full black on the weave. The hair dye I bought at different prices, the “african one” 530 and the white one 430Ksh. The alluminuim foil was 79KSh. Depending on how much should be used for a bundle, I don’t know, I just dyed what I could, and what remained, I will do later on, because I also need to dye my natural hair black!

The braided weave, I dyed the day before. It used to be blonde, and if you can look closely, you can see I missed a spot. The brown weave was too much for the dye I had, so some of it remained.
Get everything you need, separate your hair per rows, lay out your foil and then mix your dye. Some hair dyes come with mixing tools, so you might not need the bowl.

Hair Dye products come usually come with gloves, and I lost mine. I took it out one to read instructions and the gloves are stuck on the instruction paper and I don’t know where I put it.

STEP 2: Apply your Dye on the hair and mix it well. Capital WELL! Do not forget to apply at the root too. Yes it will be covered when you put your weave on but for a cleaner look, apply everywhere.

STEP 3: Fold it in the foil and let it seat for a few minutes, the instructions usually say 15 minutes but I go longer, maximum 40 minutes, because it’s not on my head, so it doesn’t hurt and I won’t perfection.

STEP 4: Wash it with water, then with conditioner, and let the baby dry out if you don’t have a blow-dryer.  #LaundryDayHoodStyle


STEP 5: You are done! And I wanted to put this weave on today, but it got a bit late, so next week, I will have brand new hair and will show you how it all came out. But here it is. Brown weave turned black. And blonde weave dyed black also.

FINAL PRODUCT LOOKING LIKE A 9.5 (Because I missed a few spots) . Notice the glow from the “Renew hair dye” and the “Color intensity Hair dye”, “Renew” wins on the glow, but is not permanent like Intensity. So with intensity, I will have to work more on it, add some hair oil and blow dry, straighten or curl to make it all brand new! See you next weekend, because that’s when I will do the weave.

This is my favorite job in the whole wide world. It doesn’t pay but I love it and believe one day it will start paying me. It’s so much fun and I had so much fun doing this, I hope you liked it. D.I.Y season is back! 

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