First of all, let’s scream “TGIIIIFFFF” my favorite day of the week, not only because it is Friday but also because I get to work half day and I have the whole day to pamper myself. Talk about pampering myself, last weekend I did something that most of you would think “She can’t afford that” and I will say “But she got connections”. Anyway, before I begin my critic on blankets and wine, let me just specify that it is my job as a blogger to be critical about almost anything and everything related to what I do. So I may hurt some feelings and maybe bring up smiles on some people’s faces. One thing about me is I don’t lie. I find it pointless. So let’s get down to business.

Foremost, Thanks to my awesome friend Jeremy who took me to one of the biggest, most fashionable, CRAZY event in Kenya. Jeremy and I have been friends for years and getting closer every day, I love his sense of his humor, hard work and persistence. He can get gold when there is no gold. By that I mean, He gets “us” deals and hook ups where there is no chance. There is no dull moment with him. Anything fashion related that B4BG must get its hands on, he is the MAN! I love him.

Sunday last weekend I went to blankets and wine for the first time and yes I did not pay entrance, “Told you I got connections, I know people who know people who know people that know people”, the tickets were 2500ksh per person. #ThatsShoes. Upon arriving at the event my first thought was “What da heck!” The venue was so big, and for short-sighted ladies like me, that’s bad news, the dresscode of people was totally a “What-da-heck” type of moment, You will find crazy, you will find cool, they have it all. The crazier the better! But that was not the only thing that shocked me or made me want to kick some people out.

I was amazed at how great the music was, we danced, we laughed and we drank. Not to the point of getting wasted though, “I don’t do that… uh … uh” Because I am a horny drunk, you don’t want to see me intoxicated so I stay away! Or I stand aside and watch people drink.

Personally I loved the event, it was great experiencing something different, what I did not like about “Blankets and wine” is the attitude. Yes you all cool swagged up people, I agree you look dope, you look fly, you smell good, but cut it with the attitude. It felt like an environment for show offs only and personally I am not a show off and bragging is not my thing, I like realness and down to earth people. So there you have it, the big “What-da-heck” moment I experienced. But let’s put up a sad romantic movie on a projector next time and watch them all turn human. #ThatWouldBeFun . There was another issue though… Not even Lord Jesus could help on that one.

If you do remember a few days ago it was raining like crazy! And on the day of blankets and wine, we got roasted! Literally Roasted. The Good lord laid us there and let the heat burn upon our heads. Have you even sat under the sun for so long that you look high on weed.  Seriously “What-da-heck!”. I am glad it wasn’t raining but it was too hot, Jeremy had to take his shirt off. Now mix that with the alcohol we had (I tasted) and the amount of people around… frickin what-da-heck! … By the end of the night the headache was so much that you can’t feel it anymore, because you are having so much fun.

Here is my most memorable and fun moment of the whole event! The fooooooodddd… I may be skinny, but I have a very close personal relationship with food, where does it all go? Feeds my attitude I guess. I love food! This world would be hopeless without it. 

To everyone who has mentioned that they miss me, I just want to say, “Boo boos, I miss you too. I have had days I look so dope but can’t even find a second in my day to take a picture. Or if I can, there is no one to do that for me. But From the bottom of my heart I miss you too so much and I love you” Now who’s ready for a relationship tag or am I just drunk in love? Hehehe Follow me on instagram, so we can have each other’s daily updates. I love you all. @rshanphonsi or #b4bg and you’ll find me.

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