I just want to skip the hellos and how are you, and get to the point and just tell you what we are making today. Yes it’s a D.I.Y post. But I have to be polite. So Hello everyone, I am shasha and welcome to my blog,where it is all about broke girls like me. We act cheap but we dress expensive and on trend. How do we do that? Well I will show you. For today’s post, we will be making a purse. Not just any kind, but the see-trough purses or handbags. Also known as the clear purse/handbag or transparent clutch. I want to thank you guys for all the love and support. Please stick with me as always, doper DIYs are coming, just as promised. Thanks for having my back and making me discover so much more about what I can do. I have never done a handbag before and this is my first time, and I have never worked on shoes before until a few months ago, the same goes for jewelries. Thank you dolls. I assure you, you are going to love this one, I do. I even wore it today and I kept singing “happy” on replay in my head. It was a great day, I met an old crush and I must say “baby still got it”, I had an audition today and I slayed it like “chaaaaa” and I got paid. I graduated last weekend too. So at the moment, all is great. Anyway, let’s begin.  
      Push button

For those of you who are new to my blog or these D.I.Y posts. I am just gonna go ahead and say it. Us broke girls don’t buy studs. We buy belts with studs on them, that way you get twice or trice the amount of studs if you were to buy single studs. So I got my belt for 100Ksh at Gikomba (best for studded belts and Ngara too). The plastic was expensive but I had no choice because they only sell it per meter, and it was 400Ksh. Do not forget your push buttons. And make sure it is the self “applying” buttons. Some push buttons can’t be done by hand. So please ask questions. I did not buy the chain, if you recall my most recent D.I.Y, I am using the same chain. D.I.Y Body chain (shoulder)

Measure how you want your purse/handbag to be and cut. I did not measure with a ruler but another purse/handbag.  And put your studs first on the front part before stitching, because when putting in studs, you will pull the plastic a lot and that’s harder…

STEP 2: Stitch the ends of the plastic and add your studs onto the stitched area, just to make it neat and clean. If you do not have studs, another dope idea I thought of, was covering it up with leather or a really nice tribal Africa print. Looks awesome in my head.

STEP 3: Attach your chain or ornament. This ornament could be just anything you want to put on the purse to give it that vavavoom. But if you prefer it simple, you can just skip this step.

STEP 4: Work on the upper part of your handbag, by cutting the sides and adding on the push button. Note that, this step “may” require super glue. The gold and black effect on the button is not part of the button. I just glued it on. I used to be a earring.

Put on your favorite outfit , high heels and go conquer the world. You can make extras for selling or to give away to friends. 

      You will break a nail
      You cannot skip the stitching and start putting the studs, it will destroy the shape of the handbag
      If you make this style, close up the ends of the chains, really well as it can slide out. To do so, you can use pliers
      If you are having trouble putting in the studs, punch in the holes using the needle.
      This DIY takes about 2 hours to complete (If you are slow like me)
      You can try dripping the chains on the side, that’s sexy too.
– The plastic does not wrinkle, and please get the soft not hard plastic.
      Don’t put pads and tampons in the bag.
      Brag about your self-made designer handbag
The top, jeans, handbag and shoes are all done by me. Below are the links:

The crop top is done by moi. 

The bandage skirt is done by me.

For more interesting D.I.Ys, please follow this link ( D.I.Y Posts ). And if you would like directions on where I buy my craft material from. Just let me know. I am also thinking of doing a giveaway of my old stock… P.S: This bag/purse got two orders today, just by me walking around with it. Money maker type of craft. My shoes though and them nails… hehe


❤ ❤ ❤ 

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