Hello guys, I hope all is well, I came across these posts called “Taking stock” a few weeks ago and I decided to do one, just for fun. And let you in on what I have been upto, but before we start just a quick say on what I am wearing or should I say wore, because this outfit post was prepared a week ago, I am no longer a blonde anymore. I love changing up my hair, I look different with every hairstyle and I use it as an excuse to act like someone else. My favorite so far is my side shave and this blonde weave I had on.
          Studded beanie – Done by me. Get yours.  Link here: D.I.Y CUSTOMIZED BEANIE
          Faux leather skirt – 100ksh from Toy market
          White lace top – 50Ksh from Kawangware
          Ankle boots – I don’t remember bought them in 2011

Now let’s begin:
Wanting: To upgrade my blogspot into a web blog. If you know what I mean and someone who can do that for me. Please let me know.
Playing: Country music and slow rnb… I am feeling life, and feeling myself. I hope this feeling lasts. This is not a perfect world so it probably won’t but hey, what da heck, enjoy it while it lasts.
Watching: Scandal. I never watched it before and I am hooked. Olivia pope. Side chick level 99. She is making me wish I was a side chick too so I can scream at obama, “Earn me barrack, earn me”. But seriously, she needs to get her life, rules and regulations.
Liking: How simple life has become, how long my nails have grown, how 2014 is almost over… etc
Reading: Old messages and realizing how life has changed. Really, it has. Lost so many friends, not that I am complaining, I actually like life this way, the drawbacks are that, I get less jobs and no gossip, but I am fine.
Wondering: Why I am not rich yet… haha
Hoping: To remain this happy
Wasting: No jar of chocolate, I scoop that thing until the end.
Marveling: At how this world is so blind and can’t see that religion is what is destroying this world. The root of violence and evil nowadays is religion. It condemns the same acts it stands for. Wake up. Imagine a world with no religion.
Needing: For God to bless me with money because I need more shoes, a weave, a blow dryer, a new laptop, a new phone and a miracle in my bank account.
Smelling: Fried chicken. Yum yum !
Wearing: A varsity sweater and jeans, with slippers. I am just home chilling and smelling chicken lol.
Thinking: About what Hairstyle I should make for my graduation. Yes she did it! Graduation week. Anyway, I am thinking braids, but will the hat fit if I did braids, or should I just put on a weave again. I don’t know.

Bookmarking: Shoes. I developed an addiction to shoes and I am loving it, because I need shoes, I have two full closets, clothes in my suitcases, clothes in other places and no shoes. It’s about that time, I stop buying clothes and start buying shoes, at least one pair a month. Jah bless!
❤ ❤ ❤ 


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