“Oh no she didn’t” … Yes she did, she is back! I never left, I just took some time off to deal with personal issues, get myself together, and I am back, not sure if I am officially back but I figured I need to update you on what’s been going on and why I have not been posting. But before we get to that, I miss you guys so much and I just want to give you a big hug, even when I was away, I kept getting views and they were pretty constant, so thank you guys so much for that. We finally hit 25000+ views. I have the best audience ever, and thanks to your views, your love and positive energy I found love. I want to keep it and never let go, I have never been happier internally, I am going ku-ku. I have been silent the last few weeks, rarely on whatsapp, and social media. I am the type of person who is obsessed with finding true love, I want to be loved as much as I can love, unconditionally. Others have dreams to become president, rich, famous, I just want to be happy. Don’t get me wrong I love money too. The time I was away, I took time to experience what we call “ True love” and It was an amazing feeling. All those years I have been looking for someone to love and never truly realized that, that person was right here the whole time and that person is me. I learned one thing, No one’s opinion about you matters. For the first time in my life, I got dressed for me, to impress me and make me beautiful for me. Feels great. I also realized that I am crazy, that’s for sure but crazy fun. Enough about love, let’s talk about what I have been up to and will be up to.

Going down 28th June at Arboretum from 9:30 – 6:00PM
This is one of those events you have can’t miss, you have to be there. Most importantly, My friend will be showcasing her designs and I invite you all to come check her out. You can visit her blog here Joska The Trend . I can’t wait to see you all.
 I will be attending, this is one of the most talked about fashion event and mingle. Drinks, food, fashion icons, and so much more. Get discovered and get to know people.

No I haven’t and never will. I just want to add some spice to it, some chilli and see what I am capable of, I am actually considering often “outfit of the day” posts. Because I think I got style and I want to show it off but I am shy J. Please share this post if you think I have style and thumbs up if you think I have style…. Hahaha

Yes of course I will be posting DIYs as usual, no I haven’t run out of ideas but I feel like I need to step up a little, doing the same things over and over again can get boring. I just want to discover myself and my talents. I have been doing DIYs for years now and I love it, always look forward to it, but when fun becomes an obligation with a schedule, it’s not fun anymore. But right now, I feel like doing a DIY, so stay tuned, something is coming up this week. I want to have fun with my blogging.

Not really. Just been acting as usual, occasional modeling, hustling and University…  So pretty much, nothing new, other than me-time and the upcoming fashion events that I am so excited to attend…

Jacket : 100Ksh
White vest : 50Ksh
Skirt : Done by me. Link here : D.I.Y MIDI SKIRT AND BANDEAU TOP
Shoes: Done by me. Link here: D.I.Y ANKARA PRINT HEELS
Jewelry: Free

Thank you once again for all the love, I love you guys and I just hope and pray that the new changes on my blog will not affect us negatively. I can’t wait to see what you think… See you on my next post. Hugs and kisses.


❤ ❤ ❤ 

FACEBOOK: R-shan Phonci Shasha
TWITTER: @Rshanphonsi
INSTAGRAM: Rshanphonsi
E-MAIL: rshanphonsi@gmail.com
FACEBOOK PAGE: Beauty4brokegirls – B4BG



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