First of all, let me tell you a funny story. I got a call from a really good friend of mine and designer or Zam Apparel that he was involved in some charity work and invited me to it. I was like, yeah sure, I’d love to, he then tells me it’s going to be filmed. I am like “Omg Even better”. The day came, I got all dolled up, camera ready and I get there, I get news that the photography team came instead of the video guys, so it shifted from filming to photography. In my head I was like “My outfit”, yes it was kinda over the top, but hey still I was photo ready. So one loss, another gain.
Fashion Aside, I had the best time of my life, I was touched in ways I haven’t been touched before. What we did that day was to give milk and bread to street kids, street families. One thing about me is, I am a helper, I love to help, those who know me well, sure know I am up to help wherever I can, even if it means putting in 110% effort I will. I will help anybody. It’s because I have been helped a lot growing up. So for that I know how awesome it feels to be helped. It was my pleasure to be part of that, I will do it all, all over again, in fact I will, details of that down below. But first let me tell you how much fun we/I had.

Let’s give it up for the “man” of this beautiful project. Steavie. If there is one quote I live by it is this one “It’s okay to floss about your success, you should. You did it. But don’t forget where you came from.” Yes quote made up by me a long way back. I got the opportunity to talk to steavie and he touched my heart, deep, like way down deep. He was once a street kid but that stereotype did not bring him down or de-motivate him, he is a lawyer today and has devoted himself to helping those that came after him. I applaud this man and look up to him. There is truly pure kind in this world. He brings smiles to their faces, provides health opportunities and most important changes their lives for the better. God bless you.

Nairobi chapel members were around, and written on their T-shirts was “Hospitality and Benolevence”. It is just amazing to see how people come together for a beautiful cause; it’s not material, nothing to do with power, but love, pure kindness. I swear to ya’ll I felt like going to church when speaking to these woman. One thing that stood out for me was this quote, “No one is born poor” find your talent, we are all good at something. I believe it, because these kids and young men had so much talent. There was an 11 year old, updating us about politics, I was amazed and was like “wow, things I know nothing about”.

Still on talent, there was this young man who led prayers and I am telling you, I have never danced like that to a song I can’t hear a word to, I was clapping, smiling, shaking my leg, my head and I was all in.

Before we got to the venue, we made sure that we got something for the kids, milk and bread which is very important as steavie told me, the milk helps to ease and treat reaction to the glue they sniff.

We donated milk and bread, it wasn’t much but at least we made somebody’s day, or people. You don’t need millions to help and make a change into someone’s life. All that you may need is your kind heart, just that. There is no greater happiness to the one of knowing that somebody is happy and smiling because of the little effort you put in.

After they ate and all, that is when the best part came and we got to interact with everyone. We laughed and it felt like high school break time. Can you all see the smile on “Kenneth Mwangi”? I feel like his jaw is about to fall off. Those smiles can’t even express how much fun we had. The kids were so inspiring in their need to make it and I fell in love with everyone there.

I’d like to present you all to my little best friend. Little because I got so many that day, he’s the little one. On my left, giving you the “cover girl” pose is Johnny. He’s too cute and I can’t wait to see him next week. He said I was pretty and wished I could come back again. Like heck yeah honey, I will.

Talking about complements, I got the best declaration of love I have ever gotten in my life. This guy in the picture with me actually sang to me, and wouldn’t let anybody interrupt unless I gave him my number. It was too cute, so to you all trying to woo me. Take notes.

Boys will be boys. Everybody was trying to have their swag captured on camera. So next time we hang out, I will make sure I have jeans on, I want to fit in and be one of the boys, we’ll put the dress aside, because I want to be in this picture letting my swag shine too.

One of the things I learned is that, we all need somebody, even if you are not giving me 24hours of your day, let me see you smile for just 5 seconds and make my day. Show me that there is hope, kindness and love out there. Strip away the fancy bags, Gucci belts, Brazilian weaves and channel dresses. Underneath it all, we are all humans and it is a human need to feel important and feel loved. Do you think you got some love in you that you would love to share with us? Or that 5 second pretty smile? I invite everyone to help inspiring these little kids. They are our future, if we can help now, why not? Don’t just stick to going to orphanages, let’s not forget the street kids, they need love too, they need laughter.
If you have something you want to share with us, come on aboard, you can give clothes too. As requested, we want your smile, do you have games you love to play? Come play with us, are you a good story teller or wish to become one. Let’s make a circle in that park and let’s go to dreamland all together.

I will be attending again very soon. For more information on the venue please come back as the website is under maintenance. from there you can read inspiring stories  and inspire a kid. 😀 let’s do it for the newbies.


❤ ❤ ❤ 

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