Quick Beauty Tips


It’s mid-week and I am sure some of you may be thinking, what is she doing posting on a Wednesday? Isn’t it supposed to be Saturday? Relax, this is exciting. I decided to switch things up a little bit and have beauty mid-week posts. After all, the blog is called, beauty4brokegirls. Yes it’s all about fashion and beauty but we have been focusing too much on fashion and I know you guys enjoy my fashion posts but now we are going to be having mid-week beauty posts. It may not be every week but be expecting some beauty dust from now on.
For our first beauty post, I thought it would be great to talk about “Quick beauty tips”. Something you can do in less than a minute or so and keep it moving. They say the right shoes can step up a whole outfit. I say your make up can take your outfit to a whole new level. Make up is good, it’s good to look beautiful, nothing to do with not liking who you are, think about it, it’s because you just love yourself so much, you make those beautiful features POP!


Ever had one of those days, you have to be somewhere at a certain time, and you look in the mirror, your skin just doesn’t look right. So you start freaking out and start thinking; how much powder will I put on today. Well that’s out of the window. This quick inexpensive Indian remedy inspired will hold you together dear. No more panic. I learned about this one day just watching random videos on YouTube. I came across it and realized; everybody was doing it. So I thought why not me. I tried it and it worked like magic. I am not a fan of spending hours trying to get a facial. Doing my nails yes, because I love it. This facial is so good, effective and beneficial, that for a lazy person like me? I run for it only when I see break-outs and it helps, all the time!

Turmeric facial Benefits:

          Helps get rid of bacteria and prevents bacteria
          It lightens pigmentation and takes care of discoloration
          Helps your skin look fresh and young.
          It slows facial hair growth and nourishes your skin
          Cures acne! Fast! Speaking from experience.
How to use it:

You are going to need: Milk and Turmeric. The protein in the milk is necessary for your skin, you can also use water but milk is better. about a teaspoon of milk and one and a half teaspoon of turmeric is enough. Mix the turmeric with some milk and apply it on your face, and while doing it, scrub it gently, wait until it dries, scrub it off then wash your face with warm water. Apply some lotion and your face will feel so fresh and clean. I guarantee you, you’ll fall in love.


Let me tell you a story about myself, I love red lips and I love to put on makeup. It’s like art, I enjoy seeing all the different looks I can transform into, I have gone Goth, gaga, weirdo. I am not an expert at putting on makeup, not even close but it’s exciting and fun.
This beauty tip is from personal experience. I had the perfect outfit but I didn’t have the perfect lipstick. I wanted velvet lips, so my creative little mind went on a mission to figure it out. I thought of going to the store and buy but I didn’t want to leave the house without my velvet lips. So I decided to go a little crazy, I put my red lipstick on and decided to put lip liner on too, mixed it up, a bit of gloss and before I knew it, I had velvet lips.

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