Hi everyone! Once again sorry for my absence, when I first started this blog I thought it would be best to post 4 times or more a week, then I was like wait a minute… I am gonna run out of ideas and cool stuff. Because i have so many things I can do but I select which ones i will put on my blog and which ones I won’t. I am currently working on two different posts but one of them is taking me some time, but it’s coming. So for the in-between post! Here is 20 things you didn’t know about me. Blogger edition. Get to know me guys!
1: My name is not written Rshan, I changed it myself because I thought Rshan was much cooler

2: I am 20 years old

3: My favorite color is pink and I love polka dots. Let’s call it an obsession.

4: I suffer from depression and tend to be suicidal very often. 😦

5: I was in the football team and basketball team but always sat on the bench.

6: Growing up I always thought  I had a twin sister or was switched at birth with another baby.

7: I watch horror movies only during the day. That’s from 6:am to 3:30pm

8: My dream job is to become an entrepreuneur and have one of the biggest fast-food restaurant in the african continent, I wanna be so big, like KFC with estates and make it into Africa’s richest women. 

9: I don’t call YSL as Yves Saint Laurent, because my favorite stylist Jeanie mai calls it Yes sweet lord! So I always refer to it as Yes Sweet Lord!

10: Before I die, I wanna touch a life or two or even millions, that is my greatest wish before I die. There are so many people in this world who may just need a hug or a single word to change their world. I wanna offer that because one time in life all I needed was a hug and the words “I care” or “you matter”.

11: I talk to non-living things and animals. Not that they listen but I respect them, or I don’t know…..  we just talk, it’s very weird but It’s an old habit. And no! I am not crazy.

12: I am the first born and I have two brothers and one sister. I love them to death.

13: When I turn 25 I want to move to South Africa.

14: I am done with school, jumped a few classes which allowed me to have a degree at 20years old. I don’t consider myself smart, I consider myself lucky.

15: I love skateboarding

16: I used to have no confidence because of my croocked teeth but as I grew older, I got complimented a lot on my smile. Now I love my teeth.

17: My two top favorite hobbies are D.I.Ys and shopping/window shopping.

18: I am a believer, I believe in life and especially in dreams, that is why I always dream big and bigger every time.

19: I don’t like jewelries as much as I love my clothes. I’d feel sad for my jewelries but I’d cry over my clothes and might take days to get over it.

20: I am not a judgemental person and I don’t like judgemental people. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, don’t assume. Ask and get to know. Everyone has a story, hear it don’t make it up.

“Never underestimate the power of a woman.”

“To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.”

” Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there”


There you have it ” 20 random things you didn’t know about me”, including my favorite inspirational quotes of all time. To all the women out there wanting to pursue their dreams or have doubts. Just remember that “You only fail when you quit”…
 Having a blog was not really a dream for me, it’s just something I knew I will do, but I lacked guidance, I was all over the place writing about anything and everything. But I decided to write about something I love and that makes me happy. 

This article makes me feel a bit closer to each one of you, and I appreciate everyone who loves this blog. So I sincerely love you guys. I do. 

Remember. If you enjoyed this post, just let me know and we may do a part 2 of “20 random things about me, blogger edition”.


❤ ❤ ❤ 

FACEBOOK: R-shan Phonci Shasha
TWITTER: @Rshanphonsi

INSTAGRAM: Rshanphonsi

E-MAIL: rshanphonsi@gmail.com
FACEBOOK PAGE: Beauty4brokegirls – B4BG


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